40-Day Prosperity Course

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This program is based on the “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price. The 40-Day Prosperity Course allows us to intentionally work and focus on manifesting prosperous abundance. Prosperity and abundance that transcend every aspect of our lives. It takes our mind about 40 days of conscious focus and repetition to accept something as truth. A believe is a thought that we have accepted with emotion. Accepting with emotion that we are prosperous is transformative. You should commit to following this course without skipping each and every day for 40 days. Missing one day will require you to reset the clock and start over again. Thus, begin and continue until you can go uninterrupted with perfect continuity. Plan of action: 1. Pick the date to start the course, such as the beginning of a particular week. Follow the course calendar until completion. 2. On the first day, write and sign the statement below in your Master Life Journal. 3. Meditate on the statement, set your prosperity intention for a state of abundance. Ask: How do I feel when I am abundant? 4. Start by listening to the 1st day meditation. When you are done listening and feel ready, write your own affirmation and what comes to mind. The next day, repeat. 5. Note that on day 11 the first statement is repeated, then the second and so on. You will complete a total of four cycles. 6. Complete one meditation per day, in order.

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