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My name is Harry Pagancoss, in case you have never seen my work. Welcome!

I am and have been many things: Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, International TV Host, etc. 

Most importantly, what I am and have been for a while is the result of compounding life experiences, successes and lessons, discipline, faith, a strong will and an organized Mind. 

I am a healer, both a perpetual student and teacher and in my current physical state, another expression of humanity. 

The purpose of my guidance and mentoring services is to help you find yourself. For once you remember what you are, you will have the power to achieve things not just by default, but by intentional creation. You can really become suprahuman.

The process takes commitment, and open-mind and a strong desire for something in your life. We will tap into your innate wisdom and ability to become that which you want to be or have. 

Throughout the website, there is important and transformational content produced with the utmost desire to serve you well, to inspire you. 

We will work together through one-on-one guidance sessions, online workshops and other tools. Your success is my success, your transformation is ours to enjoy. 

Following my heart and responding to this calling, has been the most amazing experience, thus far.  Currently, I work with folks from all walks of life: small business owners, college students, men and women looking for a purpose, corporate executives, teachers, and many others. I now invite you to reach out in order to begin the process of creating your new life. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, it all begins today. Unleash the power of your Mind.

Sweet and kind regards, 



P.S. My next book is due 2022 and provides practical advice on how to enhance your current state of being. 



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