"Eat for your body, cook for your soul"

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Harry Pagancoss, also known as the World Food Explorer, is a Puerto Rican chef, author and restaurateur as well as television and radio personality. He is known for his travels, culturally-focused cuisine and experimentation of global flavors. Host of Turner's newest Latin American travelogue - GPS: Guided by Flavors (2014) - Harry has presented shows for Univision, NBC-Telemundo, TV Azteca and collaborated with MTV Tr3s, with audiences in all Latin America and the United States. He also hosted an educational digital series for TBS' upwave, a health and wellness platform and has been a guest speaker on many international and national gastronomy festivals, 

Harry is the chef owner of Caravaca Group, the operator of Caravaca Market & Harry Bakes.



Heard Saying "If the ingredients are great, the garnishes are a distraction."
Music: Depends on mood but love Bosa Nova, Samba, Rock
Hobby: Sports, painting, traveling
Movie: I'm a sucker for fantasy movies, which include romantic ones
Cologne: Acqua di Parma Colonia & Assoluta, Le Labo's Rose 31
Scent: Smoked wood or fresh rain
Flavor: Smokey
Dog: Frodo
Place: Best place is home
Dish: Thin pizza, grilled meat, bread and butter
Drink: Pappy Van Winkle, espresso in the Amalfi Coast, or a beer with the guys.
Color: Dark purple, sometimes blue
Book: Many, still reading
Zodiac: Pisces, Moon in Aries, Sagittarius rising
Education: Master of Public Health, Medical School dropout, commercial kitchens, the World, your house

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